My Chumby’s Fish!

Inspired by the form of a Heart and featuring one social network that enables you and your friends to interact with each other fish, using the Chumby’s hardware! It’s possible now to fully robotize one aquarium and bring it online!
With a colorful touch screen, that enables you to feed your friend’s fish and maintain the aquarium healthy, using sensors on the robot that monitors the habitat data and reports it online back to you. It got a menu for automation and tasks, one for configurations and one menu for real-time webcam watching your friend’s fish.
With the built-in Chumby’s Accelerometer, Compression sensors and Microphone, it’s possible to do real-time online interaction with your friends fish, using the captured shake and tap movements  to simulate it with vibrations and air bubbles on your friends aquarium! Plus heat and light mood transfer, using the captured compression feelings made with the Chumby, simulating affects and emotions. Also it’s possible to sound interact with the fish, emulating it with vibrations transmitted by the robot to the aquarium.


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  2. AlexMC

    Would love to set up something like this in my aquariums. let me know if you need testers :)

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